Looking isn't gonna make it any warmer

Vivian Night Dive

You know what they say, a change is as good as a rest. So off we set on the morning of the 3rd December in not so clement weather, heading for Vivian Quarry in North Wales. Paul had arranged for us to dive here and that we could also do a night dive as well as the daytime. Most of the group hadn’t dived here before and found out what a spectacular location it’s in.

Looking isn't gonna make it any warmer

We Booked in and paid up it was time to kit up, run through the dive planĀ and make the trek with kit on to the entry point which turned out to feel much further away than it actually was. After a good long rest on one of the benches to get our breath back (old and young alike), we took the plunge, most of us choosing to stride entry from the top of the access platform which is a good drop but equally good fun as well. The weather was looking better and we said goodbye to the picturesque topside and dropped into Vivian for the 1st time for most of us.

The main reason we were here though was to do a night dive, with 3 of the group of 6 never having done one before. Everyone was well up for this and after a suitable surface interval and scof break, kitting up started again with torches, backup torches and strobes all being checked and double checked. Before taking the plunge this time, we went over the plan again, placed a lantern at the exit point to help at the end of the dive and in we went. Kev went in first to provide a reference point for the others to decend to and Paul took up the rear guard. Once in positions reveresed and Paul led the dive and from the back, Kev made sure everyone was together and sticking close to their buddies. The really nice thing about Vivian’s small size, is that even if you get lost and find yourself having to surface, you won’t have a long surface swim but it’s still better not to get lost in the 1st place.

Everyone enjoyed the day here at Vivian so thanks to the site for having us, especially out of hours and to Paul for arranging the trip!

You can find out more about Vivian here www.divevivian.com

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