Too Cold To Dive?

Well the weather is starting to brighten up again and the days beggining to get that little bit longer. As a club though we’ve still been out and about diving and training. It’s the time of year now where the sensible ones who stayed in the warm and hibernated during the winter (Kev) start to itching to get back in the water again. This is also the time of year to be looking at getting your kit serviced again in readiness for the new season, somthing which too often gets forgotten about. So just a reminder that it may be a good time to get your regs etc down to the local dive shop and make sure they are as ready to go as you are.

Xarifa Sub Aqua Club have done 2 dives over the last 4 weeks, the first being at our most frequent haunt, Capenwray and last weekend a band of hardy chaps took to the waters at Eccelstone Delph. Whilst there has been much mickey taking at pool night aimed that those who prefer to stay warm in winter, those taking part still couldn’t stop themselves from mentioning just how flippin cold these dives had been. It begs the question which of us have the most common sense or I am just being whimp?

Anyway, the pool nights have been fairly busy the last few weeks and we happy to see a number of Army Cadets come along for try dives with us. This all stemmed from a general interest lesson given at one of the ACF detachments that really sparked an interest with some of those attending. It really is good to see youngsters trying somthing new and being blown away by that feeling of breathing underwater for the first time and it was a pleasure to host them.

As the temperature increases, we will be diving more again and will be able to get some new photos and videos onto the website and we will try to keep it updated regularly.


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