April Fools Dive

April fools dive,┬árather fitting really as the 3 stooges headed for Capenwray for a dive. The weather this morning was great and almost back to the sunshine we had a week or so ago. At least this means a chance to warm up again between dives as at 7 degrees, the water still isn’t warm. We spent ages kitting up, basically more time being spent on taking the micky out of each other and all 3 manageing to leak coffee down our fronts. (Take note Capenwray, your cups and lids aren’t up to the job. Either that or we’ll scruffy gits.)

We planned a clockwise orbit of the site, taking in Podsnap, the sump, cannon, Bell then right across to Lord Lucan before a bit of DSMB practice for Rik. Vis was pretty good for this dive, espiecially as we spent most time well away from training areas at least until the end. We surfaced as planned around 38 minutes later and tried to find a path out of the water through the diver soup that had accumulated at the exit point. Putting the tanks in for a fill, it was time for something to eat.

It’s easy to find out more about Capenwray and the various attractions there, just visit http://www.dive-site.co.uk/ and check out the live webcam.

DSMB deployment during dive training
Diver deploys DSMB at the end of a training dive

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