Bonfire Night Dive

Four members of the Xarifa club dived at Capernwray in less than ideal conditions on the Bonfire Night event.  A couple of leisurely day dives were followed by a night dive in the pooring rain, accompanied by many wet suited swimmers doing their annual lap of the quarry.  Being a Wednesday the visibility was superb on the first dive especially.  With the water temp about 11 ‘C it was a very pleasant 45 mins or so of pottering about the many sunken wrecks littering Capernwray.

The only unplanned event of the day was when our driver for the trip, Rick, realised half way home that he’d left his notso dry suit in the changing rooms.   A quick about turn and a touch of groundhog day and we finally made it home tired but happy.

It’s a great day and defo one for the 2013 diary.




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