Gozo 2014 Tour

The Xarifa boys went on tour to Gozo for their occasional reminder of why they freeze half to death in Capernwray on a regular basis.  Colin ‘Light Fingers’ Hearnshaw excelled in the finding treasure category.  Sadly he was disqualified as it was found in the apartment security safe and belonged to a trusting (ex trusting obviously) colleague!  Keith ‘Muscles’ Spalding shared the honours of deepest diver with Ian ‘the Mole’ Bostock, neither showed any shame in what was a no holds barred contest.  ‘Whispering’ Bob Myers was a late entry into the contest and sneaked a late win doing an impression of a Gulf Sand Dab fish coming from under the P31 at Comino.  Xarifa Chairman ‘Lord’ Alan Bridgeman took his usual entourage along to take care of his every whim, ya!  Rick was greatly missed, but Andy ‘Mooning’ McManus filled in incredibly well, forcing copious amounts of German Wheat beer down, ‘just to be sociable’!  Newby to Gozo, Tony ‘coco pops’ Smith was immediately nominated as the new Xarifa IT Manager as he was both sober and mentioned some words that sounded good and which no one else had ever heard of!

Some amazing diving was had along with a damn good time.  Special thanks to Linda and Ian Bostock for organising the trip and also thanks to Scuba Kings Gozo for a fantastic and safe weeks diving. Lots of pictures and videos were taken, so if anyone wants to see them please contact any member of the club.

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