Capernwray in the Snow

A dive took place on Sunday 17th January 2016 at Capernwray whereupon two intrepid divers namely Ian and Keith took to the water.  It has to be said it took some soul searching to make the journey considering the predicted bad weather but we did.  The car park had about 50mm to 100mm of snow on it and for the most part was only really accessible with a four wheel drive.  Undaunted we managed to park at the lower reaches of the car park (beacause we didn’t have a four wheel drive vehicle) along with perhaps no more than 20 or 30 other vehicles. It was cold, about -3 when we arrived but the thought of the water being warmer spurred us on.  Coffee and toast first in the restaurant where the first dive was meticulously planned.  Lets get in the water see how cold it is and how long we can stay down for, roughly speaking.  Actually it wasn’t quite that frivolous because of the expected cold we did make a plan and carry out a full buddy check.  Ian was also trying out some new kit so we extended the buddy check somewhat.

The water temperature was about 6 degrees, so not that cold really and the visibility was outstanding.  Through the plane over to the oil rig, around Podsnap and back to the African Queen.  Next to the Answar followed by the Cessna and by this time, beginning to chill a little, back to the entry point for our safety stop.  Ian had his action cam and along the way obtained some wonderful shots of several of the famous sturgeon in Capernwray who were more than happy to pose for us.

We had a slippery trek up to the shop for a refill, more coffee and toast and a plan made for the next dive.  More or less the same but not as long.  Along the way this time we caught sight of a smaller sturgeon all white in colour which neither of us had seen before.  Very friendly and only too happy to pose for us for several minutes before slowly swimming away.  This dive was about 30 minutes as compared to the first of about 40 minutes but again visibility brilliant and very few other divers in the water at this time.

Once again and excellent days diving, great to see the sturgeon close up.  Visibility that good compass bearings not really required.  A safe journey back home by which time the circulation had returned to our toes and we were all pink and rosy.

Great day.




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