Free Try Dives with Xarifa in 2016

With the cold start to 2016 the idea of scuba diving is probably not the first choice for a new hobby for many people.  With the correct training however, it is a sport that can be enjoyed all year round.  Many of our club members dive throughout the year even in the midst of the coldest winter months.  This is not for everyone and some club members enjoy their diving mainly in the warmer weather.

What we are offering through January and February 2016 is the chance to have a free try dive in the comfort of a warm pool on a Wednesday evening between 19.45 and 20.45 at Dukinfield Swimming Pool.  The only kit you will need is a costume and a towel, the rest of the equipment for the try dive can, for the most part, be supplied by Xarifa.  If you do have a mask and fins that fit you, all the better.

We will happily discuss with you any concerns you might have about Scuba Diving in general and explain what you will need to achieve to become a qualified scuba diver.  During the try dive you will have the opportunity to try on the kit you will need, enter the pool and then experience the thrill of breathing underwater and swimming with other try divers. More importantly you will have the support of fully qualified instructors and additional club divers.  All our instructors and club members have many years of diving experience, have a great passion for the sport but also a very keen interest in passing on these skills to new divers.

There are no particular fitness levels required (it is not a competitive sport) and as long as you have no underlying health problems, scuba diving can be experienced by most people.  There are no age limits apart from the fact that the minimum age is 12 years.  The basic BSAC scuba diving qualification is recognised World Wide and is accepted as far away as Australia, Mexico, Egypt, The Canary Islands, Malta and Gozo to name but a few.  You will learn at your own pace only progressing when you are confident and the instructors are certain that you are able to dive safely in accordance with all BSAC criteria.  There are several pool sessions where you will learn all the basic skills where it is warm and safe and then once fully confident, you will progress to repeating these skills in open water.  These sessions will normally take place at Capernwray which is a quarry specially converted for scuba diving.

As a club we can offer advice on the type of kit and equipment you will need and in most cases we can loan you the basics until you qualify.  Having said that however, because of individual size and shape, we cannot in general provide dry suits.  We can though, offer sound advice regarding different types which will enable you to purchase a suit for your own particular requirements.

Having achieved the Ocean Diver Qualification you can dive anywhere to a maximum depth of 20 metres.  You may even decide to take your sport to the next level and with guidance and instruction from club instructors you can progress to Sports Diver, Dive Leader and also to become an Instructor yourself.

Our club is small but friendly ages of members range from 20 years to 70 years plus and as long as your are fit and healthy you can dive for as long as you feel able.  Once you join you will have available pool sessions on a weekly basis which means there are no set times to qualify it is all at your own pace.  It provides opportunities for practicing skills, developing new ones and also trying out new kit in a safe environment before venturing into open water.

If you would like more information then drop in any Wednesday at the pool and speak to our club members.

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