Capernwray Sunday 20th March 2016

Well it has been several weeks since the last dive in early January 2016 and probably the longest time without a dive since I started diving.  Four divers this time John, Andy, Ian and Keith all set for a great day.  John and Andy needed to be away early so they dived together whilst Ian and myself had no set time scales so we buddied up. John and Andy were in to look for the new van that has been added to the already busy underwater scenery.  Allegedly they found it but only because they bumped their heads on it (viz was poor allegedly).  Funny we did not have an issue.

Many a time we have dived to look at the gnome garden but using the bearings on the maps we had of Capernwray we always missed it.  We used the settings from the bell of either 120 according to the Capernway plan or 136 as shown on other maps.  Today because it was not that busy (I know that is not good for business but it does keep the viz better) we tied off a reel on the bell and set a bearing of 136 degrees and again ended off course.  We followed the wall round and after a few metres found the garden.  Ian’s reel was 50m and just reached.  We did a reverse plot along the line of 320 and headed back on this course and low and behold spot on back to the bell.  Beginning to chill we headed back for our safety stop and return to the surface with a dive time of about 40mins.  The water temperature was only 5/6 degrees yet in January it was 7/8.  It was much warmer though in the sun.  After a suitable surface time and a nice break in the restaurant we planned the next dive. After a discussion we thought we might as well test our new compass bearings.  Off down to the plane, over and around Podsnap up the drive to the bell and across to the gnome garden on a bearing of 140 and a result.  High fives all round (well me and Ian), back for our safety stops and again about a 40 minute dive.  Excellent.

De-kit, debrief,  cups of hot chocolate and away back home.

Another excellent days diving, never tire of Capernwray always something different.