About Xarifa

Xarifa Sub Aqua Club club has existed for some time. Looking back through our records, we have established that the club was formed in 1967.  Our most senior member of the club recalls the club was formally known as ‘The Dolphins’.  The name Xarifa (pronouced za-rifa, was taken from the vessel used by pioneering underwater film maker, Hans Hass) was adopted shortly afterwards and Xarifa Sub Aqua Club was then based in Hazel Grove, Cheshire.  The use of the pool in Dukinfield was started on the 1st April 1970.  We were formerly accepted into the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC), as an open membership branch – BSAC number 1071, on the 7th February 1979.

Xarifa Sub Aqua Club dive all around the UK. Most of our training dives take place at some of the dive sites in easiest reach but when we can, our particular favourite areas are Oban, Scapa Flow, St Abbs & N. Wales. Our diving is primarily done in the UK, however, we have visited some foreign destinations – SW Ireland, Gozo, Lanzarote & Eilat.  Club members have also dived in Australia, Egypt and Turkey.