Gozo 2014 Tour

The Xarifa boys went on tour to Gozo for their occasional reminder of why they freeze half to death in Capernwray on a regular basis.  Colin ‘Light Fingers’ Hearnshaw excelled in the finding treasure category.  Sadly he was disqualified as it was found in the apartment security safe and belonged to a trusting (ex trusting […]

Gozo 2011

Xarifa on Tour

Xarifa are on the move again, returning to Gozo for a weeks diving in June.  All going are looking forward to some  fantastic diving in the crystal clear waters off Gozo.  The Blue Hole and Inland Sea are a couple of favourites that will be on the schedule.  Sun, Sea and scuba in warm water, […]

Eight Acre Lake Chill Out

The Xariifa club had a change of venue to start the New Year off.  A trip to Eight Acre Lake Dive centre at North Cave, East Yorkshire was the order of the day. A lack of bacon butties on the site didn’t deter those who attended from bracing the 4 degree water temp.  The vis was less […]

Bonfire Night Dive

Four members of the Xarifa club dived at Capernwray in less than ideal conditions on the Bonfire Night event.  A couple of leisurely day dives were followed by a night dive in the pooring rain, accompanied by many wet suited swimmers doing their annual lap of the quarry.  Being a Wednesday the visibility was superb on the […]

April Fools Dive

April fools dive, rather fitting really as the 3 stooges headed for Capenwray for a dive. The weather this morning was great and almost back to the sunshine we had a week or so ago. At least this means a chance to warm up again between dives as at 7 degrees, the water still isn’t warm. […]

Too Cold To Dive?

Well the weather is starting to brighten up again and the days beggining to get that little bit longer. As a club though we’ve still been out and about diving and training. It’s the time of year now where the sensible ones who stayed in the warm and hibernated during the winter (Kev) start to […]

Looking isn't gonna make it any warmer

Vivian Night Dive

You know what they say, a change is as good as a rest. So off we set on the morning of the 3rd December in not so clement weather, heading for Vivian Quarry in North Wales. Paul had arranged for us to dive here and that we could also do a night dive as well […]


Being about as far from the sea as you can be in this country, much of our training and diving takes place at Capernwray. Most of the regular divers and also the more junior Xarifa divers came a long for a good days diving. The weather was good and it was great to see see […]

Ecclestone Delph

The original plan for this weekend was to take the Xarifa dive Rib off to Angelsey. The good old British weather put us down as the forecast gave heavy rain and winds at 30 blowing in from the south. Plan B had to be formulated and so it was we arrived at ‘The Delph’ shortly […]

Gozo Trip July 2011

A 4am start on Sunday 10th July, waiting for the minibus to take us to Liverpool airport. Everyone’s on top form and keen to get to Malta. The queue at checking was mental with only 2 desks open for every Easyjet flight. After 2 hours in the queue passengers for Malta were called forward as […]

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